Located in the heart of Sheffield

Halford House, 14-18 Fitzalan Square, Sheffield S1 2AZ

Sugar Cube on Fitzalan Square has been recently refurbished to be the coolest student accommodation in Sheffield with four brand new floors of student rooms of varying design, style and amenities.

The retail ground floor has been converted into 2200 square feet of chill out lounge, cafe space, quiet work space and a relaxing multi use space that brings together a cool relaxing vibe that enhances the student community in the cube.

Brand new rooms vary from single ensuites, double ensuites, twin rooms and a select limited edition super lux rooms. Each floor also has brand new kitchens, individual storage space & countertop bar that is in an environment that is harmoniously designed to ensure the residents are relaxed and happy.

The Sugar Cube is ideally located on the rejuvenated Fitzalan Square. 10 min walk to Sheffield Train and Bus station. 5 minutes walk from the O2 arena and 5 minutes walk from all the shops on the high street.

Student attractions in Sheffield

Showroom Cinema

If you love films, this is a place for you. The Showroom Cinema is an independent cinema located in the south-east of the city centre in Sheffield. The programme is a variety of alternative, sometimes forgotten, foreign, artsy cinema – something for even the biggest film lover.

Loud and fun gigs

It does not matter what music you love – metal, house, hip-hop, rap, dance, jazz, reggae, pop, rock or indie Sheffield has got so many gigs you will soon find your calendar fully booked. Drop the books once in a while and have fun with your fellow students. Psst… We recommend Bungalows and Bears bar on Division street for some truly nice live music.

Explore the culture

Sheffield is home to so many exhibitions, museums, theatres and other cultural attractions that every person can find something for himself. For example, if you are into art, you have to check the Millennium Gallery, located in the city centre, Arundel Gate. If you are into video games go straight to The National Videogame Museum. The list goes on and on… Most of these museums are located a walking distance away from the student accommodation in Sheffield project – The Sugar Cube.

Taste the london road

London road is a brilliant street that is home to many restaurants of such a diverse kitchen. Try Vietnamese, Turkish, Mexican, Japanese, Indian and British food in one street. We suggest finding your favourite by going out there and trying every single one of these wonderful restaurants, that‘s what we did! The winner, by the way, was Amigos Mexican Kitchen for those who love mexican food.

Find a moment of peace at Sheffield botanic garden

Run away from your busy student apartment in Sheffield to the beautiful botanic gardens situated off Ecclesall Road. It is a wonderful place to find a moment of peace, have a chat laying on the grass or go for a walk. A true oasis in the urban life of Sheffield.

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