Snug acredited Sheffield

Snug certified student housing

Our accomodations is SNUG approved. Snug is a scheme of registering, inspecting and advertising student properties in Sheffield and is intended to make sure all our students have access to good-quality, safe accommodation in the private sector. That means you can be confident they've been inspected by Sheffield City Council and comply with strict rules.

Living at SugarCube

"Thank you for completing this process so smoothly and quickly. I was not expecting it to be so good but again that's what makes it a good place to live. It was a great at sugar cube although all covid situation was a bummer but couldn't complain anymore. Thank you hosting such a great stay. Regards."

─ Divy

Hanna Lampe

Hamza Sharif

Khanh Tran

Samuel Starr

Rory Pollitt

Jessica Japutri

Alyesha Moxon

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