Add-ons allow you to customise your room and your student living within the Sugar Cube. Choose what you want and in any combination. Give us 6 weeks notice and you can change your mind too. We will sort everything out to your own individual taste and style. Flexibility & customisation to who you are!

Room cleaning £15 / week Cleaning the room and bathroom once per week every week (without changing bed sheets and towels).
Electric Bed Under Layer £2.50 / week An electric layer that can fit under your bed sheets for another layer of warmth at night.
Electric blanket £2.75 / week An electric blanket that can be used at night or while working at your desk.
Room safe £4 / week Room safe in wardrobe to keep your valuables safe.
A coffee and a panini sandwich £25 / week A coffee and a panini sandwich per day in the Café / Juicebar included. Monday to Friday.
A coffee £14 / week A cup of coffee every day in the Café / Juicebar included. 7 days per week.
Smoothies £20 / week A smoothie a day in the café / Juicebar included.
Mini fridge £4.50 / week Mini fridge for your room.
Mini Dishwasher £8.50 / week Mini portable dishwasher table top with fruit wash
Content Insurance £2 / week Insurance for room content.
“Surprise Sugar Package” £10 one off payment Start your life at the Sugar Cube with a fun and exciting gift!
Indoor security camera From £6 / week Mini in-room wireless cameras (up to 2 max) to make sure all your equipment is safe.
The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product. We will contact you for confirmation of your order to ensure you are satisfied with the products chosen.

Book without risk. You can cancel your booking deposit
for a full refund any time before check-in date.